Experience Time and Place

Reality, Augmented

Discover other worlds while exploring this one, all through your device. Hunt for hidden stories and unearth meanings tied to real-world locations.

Parallel worlds. As-A-Service

NowHere is a flexible platform for location-based experiences. It is a server-side content management system with support for time-and-distance-based text and graphics. It is also a collection of mobile client components for building unique real-world experiences. Finally, it includes a suite of tools for managing live multi-user events in real time.

See For Yourself

NowHere grew out of a groundbreaking theatre production, "This Is Nowhere", where it was used by hundreds of audience members over multiple performances. The retrospective app for the production, built with the NowHere platform, is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Get a taste of how the NowHere platform was used in a live production.